The View Over The Courtyard – Before And After

The View Over The Courtyard – Before And After

Here is the huge difference between the before and after of the back. Seems to be in two different places, do not you think Aura sad and degraded is gone, in its place we find pride and pride, and a structure that has earned a second, beautiful life.

The entrance road – Before and After

Here are the before and after entrance road of the house. As we can see, in addition to strong aesthetic change, in the following there is the presence of a second floor in addition to the existing one. It is a precious attic to enhance the functionality of the living area. To this end it has revised the entire internal distribution depending on the exposure of the environment and the new functional needs, all service areas and distribution were placed on the front facing north; on the one facing south, on the other hand, that is, towards the courtyard, overlooking the living room and bedrooms.


white volumes

The redesign of the interior has been a radical change compared to its original state. The staircase to the upper floor, for example, occupied a fairly central position in space, as it is now was willing to side and in a more rational conception. After all the available space is not so generous, it would be a shame not to exploit it to the fullest.


The livingroom

Also, to give a greater sense of space and light it was decided to merge the environments, creating a small open space the size rather collected, but certainly incisive. Finally, the white color is chosen for the walls to the furniture, it aims to give the environment greater brightness, as well as class and sophistication.


The dining room

With his back to the living room we can see the dining area that is developed on the great modern library for half a day. The elements are simple and modern, white high-backed chairs make the harmonious composition, while the transparent table makes it appealing. Behind the table, perfectly lit, we can see a brick wall painted in white, a surprise for this kind of environment, however, characterizes him.



There are plenty of blacks elements, in stark contrast to the white ruling. This is the floor of the fireplace fa├žade, television and the top of the ladder. The contrast gives tone and thickness to shapes, and avoids ethereal, dreamlike atmosphere which would otherwise have arisen. Gives volume and dynamism to the elements, and finally gives them the style and elegance that only black and white knows confer.

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