The Right Look For A Mountain Weekend, Tips Not To Miss

The Right Look For A Mountain Weekend, Tips Not To Miss

The right look for a mountain weekend, the tips for not mistaken and unprepared with inadequate clothing. What to put in a suitcase to spend some days in the mountains without giving up being trendy We have selected some mountain outfit ideas for you whether you want to spend a weekend of relaxing in the mountains or wanting to make some excursions to the highest peaks.

Outfit for a relaxing weekend in the mountains

What should not be missing in your suitcase to have a trendy look even at 2,000 feet You should definitely choose comfortable outfit and passepartout sevva, easy to match with each other to get ready-made outfits for any occasion. If your mountain idea is a walk in the middle of the green in total relax, then opt for leggings, jeans or cotton trousers, practical and lightweight. There are so many jeggings models to choose from and just as well for jeans, as well as slim fit models like Hollister, which we propose in the gallery as an example, because they do not hinder the movements and are more fit.

If it is very hot, you can decide to put on a short shorts, such as Hollister denim shorts, perfect if combined with plain colored tanks or short-sleeved t-shirts and colored shirts. Checkered or denim shirts can be pulled out or with long sleeves like those in the Topshop 2014 collection or court like the many law-cost models Zara. As a rule, in the mountains it is best to be always dressed in layers to cover or undress depending on temperature and weather conditions. There’s no need for a hoody and zip sweatshirt, practical and sporty, like the Nike and Adidas models, ideal for fashionable outfits. As for the shoes, they are well versed with the Converse All Star sneakers, the Adidas ankle-length models, or the laugh-like amphibians like Dr. Martens, who have come back to fashion in the last few months. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can wear trekking shoes if the terrain seems to be particularly disheveled. Finally, choose a sports bag with a shoulder strap, fabric or leather, with hinges and not particularly delicate such as the Lacoste handbag collection or the Freitag handbags and bags.It’s time to take a look at the new autumn collections and once again we start from the bottom, then from the shoes but from the great fashion


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