The Magic Formula For Living

The Magic Formula For Living


The living room is probably the most experienced of the home environment, where we welcome guests, where you watch a movie, where you can relax alone or in compagnia.Solitamente stay is dedicated to the main dwelling environment, the most important from the rental point of view, and the most capacious. The decor of the living room of a house outlines the style and choose the right elements, arranged in the best way, it is important to have a pleasing harmony in the environment, it can infuse hospitality and comfort, as well as taste and design. The decor of a room depends a lot on personal taste and from the impression of the house style. However, it may be useful to get ideas on the choice and arrangement of the living room and complements on the combination of styles and colors. Here are some useful tips to decorate with style your living room.

The garden

Undoubtedly the setting is very romantic. This space, in itself so spectacular, continues in the garden, giving the sensation of being in a living room yes, but at the same time in nature, in total relaxation.

The dining room

The spaces dedicated to outdoor living does not end there! Here is the dining room, an elegant and perfect space to receive guests in style. The marble and glass table is an elegance and refinement and incredible light pendant that looms is worthy of an important evening. The rest of the furniture is really taken care of, from furniture that acts as a support against the backdrop of the green, the large vase that complements the environment, on the left.


Obviously, in such a privileged setting, could not miss a space in which to relax, enjoying these beautiful landscapes! This is a small corner of paradise in which to isolate yourself from everything and just enjoy the fresh air, the sun and the green. What more could you want

The project of landscape architecture is the architect Laura Costa.

The details

The details are key to ensuring the success of an environment. Here we see the best pillows that were used adorned the original outdoor living. There are solid colors and patterns, in a perfect alternation, so as to form a varied and lively together.

A versatile space

Undoubtedly have an outdoor space like this is a huge resource. It allows you to enjoy the beautiful days with the same comfort of indoors. Here the green was cared much, but in addition to the garden, even the scenery surrounding the house, the landscape as a backdrop, offers an excellent environment for relaxation!

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