Snapchat Social Media Trends in 2017

Last year Andrew predicted that Snapchat will fight hard in 2016 and there are new challengers will appear to steal their audiences, not just Instagram or Facebook, but new apps. The 2017 year becomes a challenging year for Snap Inc. The social media and media marketing platform is planning to IPO (initial public offering) at the beginning of the year.

Facebook has exerted efforts to slow Snapchat by bringing up features that are like Snapchat in their app and aim to beat Snapchat even before Snapchat has a chance to compete. Done Facebook seems to be more significant than expected, if Facebook can stop Snapchat in expanding its footprint, this will slow Snapchat progress and will have a major impact on Snap Inc.

Snapchat Social Media Trends in 2017

Facebook is also looking for ways to introduce more innovative tools and features. Combined with Scale and resources, Facebook will not lose if they want to compete with Snapchat in the long run. So far, Snapchat is successful with innovating faster, becoming cooler than the old existing network first. Though Snapchat has audience data strong and will continue, in terms of growth will become more difficult. This will be a problem in the future.

Snapchat is focusing itself on the type and format of new ad types. They are looking for new ways to improve analytics activities to boost platform credibility and appeal to big business. If Snapchat can go on to introduce innovative ad tools and offer better targeting, the social media platform and media marketing will remain one of the most desirable By brands to reach a young audience. Actually Snapchat does not need to compete with Facebook scales, as long as they are able to use their strengths to withstand the Milennial market. It can be even harder for them if Facebook gives better choices, but Snapchat so far still has Good notes.

Spectacles will no doubt become popular mainly because of its 115 degree angle lens feature. The question now is how they will become popular. Snapchat has a cool cache that seems to be a popular app among youngsters, and Spectacles will be the sala H one special after launch. Tech investors, Jason Calacanis predicted earlier this year Snapchat will use Spectacles to bring up Snapcodes over people’s heads.

This is some kind of next-level integration that Snapchat is currently working on and focuses on VR technology. If they can do this and Offering more than what is available in Spectacles, it will help social media platforms and media marketing to maintain their momentum and become their fascination among young users. Read Social Media Campaigns that Work Getting Inspired.

How Next? So we’re at the end of the article. What can be done now? Surely we will continue to follow the development of social media and media marketing that has been estimated by Andrew. Is expected to be precise or even missed?

All can be answered as time goes. The most important thing is to keep finding out what is growing in social media and media marketing in preparation for your online business step forward too. Continue to dig up information and make a plan and prepare yourself to do business in the year 2017 !

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