Kitchen Bicolor Alternating Colors In Fashion

Kitchen Bicolor Alternating Colors In Fashion

If in the past the cabinet finish was mostly uniform, the current trend prevails alternates two finishes: wood and lacquered or two different colors. Here are 12 two-tone models.


Original and decorative kitchens “adapted” to be able to transform the bases and hanging elements in the decor. Examples? White shelves highlighted by bases sunny yellow or red lacquer, fine grained wood trim elements on the other hand informed of electric blue … The combinations are virtually endless and suited to personal taste and the trend because companies offer to catalog all the main colors To give life to a kitchen with a big personality, making possible a view of the living room, which will take at least one of the choices of finish.


Blue and white gasoline Mobilturi Ocean, the model is characterized by the Gulf peninsula with snack against the light that allows you to have a quick meal. The brilliant color elements own design Highlight. Size L 60 x W 56 x H 75 cm base and will cost € 133 (excluding VAT).


Black and white for East Arrex Le Cucine elegant model that combines the wood effect laminate doors in effect laminate concrete. It has drawers with an integrated damping advanced system that provides silent and effortless closing; gaps and clumps of decorative surfaces in white lacquered metal. Price on request


Lemon yellow and pure white for Milan Del Tongo compact kitchen which adorns the wall by combining vertical and horizontal elements. The surface of the doors without handles, varnished and points to the color intensity. Price on request.

Powder blue and white milk to flavor country Athena Berloni kitchen equipped with bright lacquered doors and with excellent taste. There is a masonry hood and a snack coordinated with high stools. With size L 45 x W 35 x H 72 cm and costs


Dark and light gray wood Motus Scavolini has an important swing doors and without decorative handle Olmo Navajo and Matt gray cast iron. On the peninsula is to put the laundry room and convenient snacks. Price on request.


Electric blue and gray for Marine Line Febal House that the doors of the bases that are accessed by a simple groove system. The closet space open and columns equipped with bellows to increase the capacity of the composition. Price on request.

Red and white lacquer Veneta Cucine Like.Go doors made effect of corresponding profile glass and aluminum. The work area is lacquered in glossy white butter, large closet space is formed by shiny lacquered columns collected Cherry Red. A basic 60 cm, price € 201.30 for the basic version.

Gray and blue wood Doimo style kitchens, the model bases and laminated panels Olmo Hazel, large wall unit with open shelves and columns are in high-gloss gray Blue. The opening of the doors is the throat matt aluminum. A basic laminated pan size L 90 x H 84.3 cm. Price € 458.

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