Is Jetstar Really the Worst Airline in the World?

Is Jetstar Really the Worst Airline in the World

Is Jetstar Really the Worst Airline in the World

A few months ago, there was a survey showed that Jetstar rated as the worst airline in the world. News of that much made headlines in newspapers in the world. It later became the subject of conversation where many agree and do not. Jetstar does not like to hear that so then rebuttal from the Airline itself. Some even questioned the survey conducted by the agency that declared it whether it is fair and independent or not.

Who Made the Survey?

It is important to check what agencies are conducting the survey. It is to know whether the survey is worthy of trust or not. Based on the record, the survey turned out to be conducted by Choice as association with many participants from around the world. The study was based on the results of a survey conducted globally.However, there is little information about the reputation of the survey institute of ‘Choice’.

How About the Survey Results?

About the survey results from the agency ‘Choice’, there are some things that make Jetstar worst. It is based on the results obtained from the questionnaire survey, such as:

  • Jetstar only received one star for overall satisfaction
  • Comfortable on the cabin was only rated 4.51 of 10
  • Website get only rated 4.81 of 10
  • 2 per cent experienced flight delay till hours

Popular Issues in Jetstar

Actually there are some major problems that Jetstar has. The main problem that arose from the results of a survey conducted by Choice. Those who provide answers from surveys do indeed experience some of these problems.The problems are as follows:

  • Long delays
  • ‘Sneaky’ fares
  • One star rating for overall satisfaction

Different Point of View

If you find the survey results, it should be compared with other results. It is to compare and find out which survey results can be trusted. Likewise with the results of Jetstar survey where there is a difference between survey Choice with Skytrax. In the release of Skytrax this year, Jetstar entered into the top 20 low carrier airlines. There are still other airlines under jetstar. That means there are other airlines that are worse than Jetstar.

Well from both the survey results, you can decide yourself which one can be trusted. See the reputation of the two survey results, which one can trust.If you are still unsure, you can try searching for a variety of other more complete information, click here.

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