Instagram Social Media Trends in 2017

Social media and media marketing from year to year goes to growing up. Sometime ago, we have discussed about Facebook social media movement and now we will continue to discuss the movement of social media and other marketing media that is, Instagram and Snapchat.

Let’s get to the next section soon! Overview of the previous article discussion, Facebook is expected to focus on Video First, Facebook Live, Virtual Reality, Facebook Search, and Messenger Business this year.
What about social media and other marketing media like Instagram? What will they do this year? Let’s find out!

Instagram Social Media Trends in 2017

Instagram Stories

Facebook challenged Snapchat by bringing Stories feature on Instagram. Stories are already used by 100 million Instagramer daily. See moreĀ social media guide.

All you need to know is Instagram announces the number of users in August 2016 and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg insists that the user’s statistics are still exactly the same in November 2016.

This means that users of Instagram Stories do not grow and grow, do they?

Although the number of users stuck in place, and this could be a sign that implies that Instagram has not found a way to make full use of Stories.

Unless Instagram enhances additional features like video mask and a bit of reactive filters like Facebook to enhance Stories and make it an good choice.

Instagram also needs to pay more attention to the problem of speed and lag that is often complained by its users.

Insta Live

This new feature of Instagram is interesting, but unfortunately has not been accessed evenly by Instagram users in Indonesia.

According to Andrew, he did not see anything significant for Instagram experience.
Live-streaming will work temporarily, all platforms will see how they are likely to use live to facilitate better connections.

However, whether this new feature will survive given the presence of live streaming in social media and media marketing such as Facebook or Twitter?

Instagram Live will probably improve Stories but significant results will not necessarily be achieved.

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