For a Few Upgrades Your car trip The more Safe Homecoming Controlled

Who does not want to journey forth more secure and in control? Especially when use the car, traveling back and forth should be considered.

If you use public transport, just pay the ticket and sit tight. No driver, machinist, or a pilot ready to take us to the destination.

As if to use the car or the vehicle itself, the journey to the homeland is going to be more challenging. Must be the condition of the car will be used. Do not let the already rickety car was forced to go from Jakarta to Ponorogo, for example. Toyota 4runner 2018 New Design

homecoming more secure

But that does not mean the car is still brand new can certainly direct ridden into the village. Sometimes an upgrade is needed so that the car was more okay if used for homecoming. Here is an example of upgrading a car is recommended if you want to going home:

1. Attach roof rack

Roof rack or racks on the roof of the car need to load luggage were not enough in the cabin. But the roof rack is no standard, not the origin of the pole and rope wear make ngiket boxes.

When you want to attach roof rack , it is advisable to authorized workshops. Ask where that is appropriate for our car. In addition, make sure the capacity is allowed.

Do not get just because the existing roof rack and then all the goods brought to the roof. Overload can make more wasteful fuel consumption.

In addition, there is a risk of an accident if brought too much stuff. Not to mention if goods fell and scattered on the road.

2. Window film

The new car out of the factory has not terpasangi glass film. Let forth more comfortable without interruption sun, window film should be installed.

It could be fit to buy a car we negotiable’m bonus fitted glass film. Some dealerseven has a special program to buy free car glass film.

If we do not have the facility, the new find where pairs of window film on the roadside. Better find recommendations from friends or family. Therefore, the window film should be installed with care and good quality in order to really feel comfortable in the cabin.

3. Phone holder

Phone holder or a place to put up for the phone close to the steering wheel may be required. First, create open Google Maps or Waze to monitor traffic.

Second, for telephone communication via Bluetooth. When the car is mounted Bluetooth, can be directly connected in order to directly receive a phone call via the speaker .

Thus, the concentration on the steering wheel are not bothered by hand fiddling with the phone. There are many types of car holder , just select which one best suits your needs and of course the contents of the wallet.


This is often missed note. Fire extinguisher (APAR) may be indispensable on the road.

What if there is a sudden short circuit and fire emerge? If not immediately extinguished, can spread to the cabin and even entire car body. Gak deh so forth.

APAR price for 500 ml size car only $ 50 thousand anyway. It was already complete with a bracket , stay put.

5. Cable AUX or USB plugs

Homecoming will be more comfortable if there is accompaniment tracks. So, if none,the upgrade was the car with AUX cable or USB plug.

Stay plug the phone or flash drive to the jack, the cabin will be more lively. Some types of music adds even good for concentration. By doing so, we can enjoy the ride back and forth with caution but still chirpy.

6. Car charger

Nothing wants to die style when going home. Passengers must have playfully phone on the way, so there is the risk of dying mobile phone runs out of battery.

This is the point of no car charger . Find the standard yes, adjust to electricity. We recommend installing the car charger when it is used, and dislodged when we’re done.

Because there were siphoned electricity from the battery when the car chargerplugged although not a phone. Same thing like charger at home, it is important if you want economical electricity bill.

One of the things that is anticipated in welcoming the Lebaran moment is going home. Although it is intercepted congestion, homecoming still lived because it has become part of the tradition.

Therefore, the streets will be more crowded. Jams was not inevitable. The risk is scratched accidentally hit a car.

If unlucky, instead involved a car accident and dents. In anticipation of this event, we recommend Arm yourself with auto insurance.

With insurance, service charges will be lighter. Especially if the car was heavily damaged. When buying a car on credit, had no insurance are applied. There are two types of car insurance, the total lost only (TLO) and all risk or comprehensive.

TLO is insurance for the car is missing or can not be used anymore. While insurance is required for homecoming is a kind of all risks or complete, which is not only meng-cover loss but also other risks, such as scratches, abrasions, and so on.

Learn good first type of insurance required . If no insurance, the risk is kesedot THR money for car repairs, you know. Be careful driving, yes.

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