How to Eliminate Pimple on Earlobe Scars with Honey

How to Eliminate Pimple on Earlobe Scars with Honey

Recent research reports that honey can fight infections and heal wounds. The resulting effect is even called more effective than some of the commonly used medical treatments today. But of course, this still continues to be proven more deeply. So far, researchers are still trying to understand why some types of honey have the ability to fight bacteria and swelling. If you are interested in trying to remove acne scars with honey, there are certainly many things to note beforehand.

History of Honey

According to the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, evidence dating from 2200 BC shows that the ancient Egyptians included honey in a standard care prescription for wound care. Of the 900 treatments in Egypt, more than half of them use honey. The writings and artifacts found also show that ancient Assyrians, Chinese, Greeks, and Romans also used honey to treat wounds. The presence of honey in the medical field began to disappear in the 1940s at the time of the emergence of antibiotics. But in the 21st century, honey starts again used to handle infections naturally, such as handling acne scar tissue.


The Theory of Use of Honey to Eliminate Acne Scars

Pimples, white comedones, blackheads, or cysts are the result of clogged oil glands that provide a place for bacteria. Usually, bacteria are under the skin but do not cause problems until the oil glands are clogged. Bacteria then eat oil and multiply, inflamed the skin, and cause acne. Scientists have several theories on why honey can help overcome this process. One theory mentions because the sugar in honey has a high osmolality, so it can attract water. On the other hand, bacteria need water to grow, so when honey is applied, the sugar in the honey will attract water so that bacteria will lack water and the development process will be disrupted. Another theory mentions the existence of chemical reactions that occur between glucose in honey and secretions that flow from the wound slowly form hydrogen peroxide, thus killing bacteria eventually.

Research on Honey and Acne

In 2001, researchers from Oxford University compared between burn patients treated with honey and patients given antiseptic. The results showed that the use of honey to treat burn patients was significantly better than using antiseptics. Patients treated with honey have a much shorter time to cure, combat infection, require less antibiotic use, and spend fewer days in hospital.

Until now, in fact there has been no published research on the effects of honey on pimple on earlobe scars. A clinical dermatology professor at Yale University School of Medicine, Lisa M. Donofrio, MD mentioned that there is no reason that honey will have any effect on acne scars, so it is quite difficult to imagine it and maybe that is why no one will fund it to do the research.

Although honey has been proven in terms of treatment of ulcers, burns, and other skin irritations, dermatologists argue that the treatment of acne and scarring is a more complicated thing. Genetics, sebum production, inflammation, and bacterial growth are just some of the many factors that affect acne treatment. If honey is often used in the treatment of acne scars then honey should be applied as a precaution, before the acne scars. However, once a scar is formed, experts say there is no point in applying honey.

Recommended treatments include laser therapy, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion treatments. Dr. Jeffrey Benabio, MD, FAAD, of the American Dermatology Council, said that the scar might improve itself over time, and says that using honey to remove acne scars is a myth.

Side Effects of Oversleeping

Side Effects of Oversleeping

It may be rather difficult to say someone is sleeping too long or not because everyone’s condition is different. In addition, there is also no definitive figure about how long we should sleep. But according to the study, most adults need to sleep between 7-9 hours every night so that their bodies really feel rested.

Therefore, in this article we set that the duration of sleep to normal is about 9 hours. If more than that, there may be many dangers and diseases that will lurk if we sleep more than the standard time of sleeping parents. Here are some risks or dangers of sleeping too long:


Here Sleep Dangers Are Too Old For Health

1. Sleeping too long can increase the risk of depression

In a study using twin adults, researchers found that long sleep duration increased the risk of someone experiencing symptoms of depression. Study participants who slept between 7-9 hours a night had a 27% chance of experiencing depressive symptoms, while those who slept over 9 hours had a 49% chance.

2. Sleeping too long can cause brain damage

A 2012 study found that among elderly women who sleep too much (or too little) over a 6-year period may worsen brain function. Women who sleep more than 9 hours each night (or less than 5 hours) show changes in their brains equivalent to two years of aging.

3. Sleeping too long can affect the level of fertility (complicate pregnancy)

A team of Korean researchers in 2013 analyzed the sleeping habits of more than 650 women undergoing in vitro fertilization. They found that the highest pregnancy rates among women were obtained from women who slept 7-8 hours each night and the lowest pregnancy rates were found in women who slept 9 to 11 hours each night.

4. Sleeping too long may increase the risk of diabetes

In a small study from Quebec, researchers found that people who slept more than 8 hours a night over a 6-year period had a 2x greater chance of developing type 2 diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance than people who slept between 7-8 hours each night.

5. Sleeping too long can cause obesity

In a Quebec study for a period of 6 years, researchers found that sleeping too shortly or longer could increase the likelihood of obesity by 25% compared with those who slept 9-10 hours a day.

6. Sleeping too long may increase the risk of heart disease

In an American College of Cardiology research presentation in 2012, sleeping 8 hours or more every night may increase the risk of heart problems. The researchers analyzed data from more than 3,000 people and found that people who slept for too long had 2 times the risk of angina and 1.1 times the risk of coronary artery disease.

7. Sleeping too long can cause death

In a review of 16 different studies, researchers found an increased risk of death among both young men who slept too short and too long. Sleeping more than 8 hours each night can increase the likelihood of death 1.3 times greater. Apart from the bad effects caused by too long sleep over. Experts recommend keeping sleep and wake time every day. They also recommend to avoid caffeine and alcohol at bedtime. Exercising regularly and making a comfortable bedroom environment will help us to get a rest or sleep quality.

3 Ways to Helping Your Asthmatic Child

3 Ways to Helping Your Asthmatic Child

The first and most critical stride to take is to choose to assume responsibility of your tyke’s asthma. Guardians of asthmatic youngsters endure a scope of conflicting sentiments. Most grounded is the regular worry for their tyke. It is safe to say that you are giving them the best treatment, or is there something you have not thought of or are uninformed of?

At that point there are the questions about being over or under defensive. On the off chance that they have non-asthmatic kin do you treat the majority of your kids the same? Maybe there is some blame that asthma may have been acquired and it is your blame your youngster has the condition.

How about we assume responsibility of the circumstance and dissipate this myth straight away. You have not willed it onto your youngster. It is no one’s blame or a judgment or some likeness thereof any more than an acquired capacity that makes somebody more inclined to be great at games or singing. You can likewise assume responsibility by instructing yourself about the condition. Try not to sit around idly stressing if there are better medicines or drugs for your youngster. Discover. Utilize the therapeutic calling, library and web. The best solution is information.

The following stage is to know about your kid’s wellbeing. One issue with having an evil kid is their powerlessness to plainly clarify how they feel. An asthmatic youngster may not come to you amidst the night and specify trouble breathing, or relentless hacking. Rather they may leave their condition to exacerbate until their lungs have sufficiently extended to begin pushing on their stomach. Now they may specify they feel wiped out.

A few kids simply take a rest when their breathing ends up noticeably troublesome and never specify they learn about of breath. Read moreĀ How to Reverse Pre Diabetes Naturally.

On the off chance that you speculate your tyke may have asthma you most likely know the exemplary signs to search for: hacking, wheezing, shortness of breath, changes in shade of skin, nails, or lips, and a snugness of the trunk. In any case, likewise know there are different signs that recommend there might be an issue: sickness, laziness, and low hunger. Additionally see if your kid needs to hunch forward as they breathe out on the off chance that they are feeling shy of breath.


Easy Step Get Rid Of Back Acne

Easy Step Get Rid Of Back Acne

Acne, no matter where it is located, can make us annoyed. There are many causes of the incidence of acne, but the most important is knowing how to Acne is formed. The body produces an oil called sebum. This oil is made in glands connected to hair follicles. Sebum will encourage hair follicles moisturize the skin and hair.

Acne or blackheads are formed when excess sebum and dead skin cells accumulate in the skin. As a result any me-too bacteria accumulate.

In most cases, Acne can be driven out by doing lifestyle changes. Similarly with acne on your back. At least there are some easy tips to make your back back seamlessly.

1. Diligent bath
Don’t let sweat and dust clinging to the old skin, especially after a workout. Quickly showering and sabuni skin after sweating.

2. how to shampoo
We normally use hair conditioner with let it for a few minutes before rinsing. However, this way actually makes the oil residue sticking to long in the back. Should the belt so that Hair Conditioner does not contact with the skin for too long.

3. the proper Soap
Use a gentle scrub or SOAP that is not too rough and warm water to rub the back breakouts.

4. avoid the squeeze acne
Although cruel, avoid the squeeze pimples or blackheads on your back because it can worsen the condition and also causes the scar the missing difficult.

5. the Barber
Long hair to cover the back could make oil and dust more stuck to the skin of the back. If the acne on your back badly enough, we recommend that you select a piece of hair is not too long and wash your hair regularly.

6. avoid tight clothing
Your sports routine can cause irritation on the back acne. Especially if you often wear sports jerseys are tight and it could be a trap perspiration. We recommend that you select a sports clothes that are not too tight.