Basic Sewing Machine Maintenance To Do

Have an item means it is consequential to guard and maintain it, even if you do not use them often. Maintenance is what is more difficult than buying an item. We often forgot to take care of the goods that have been owned and actually began to be affected by the advertisements that offer some benefit or entertainment. This is what most often happens in a person, which can not be denied that every person have consumptive nature that can only be controlled by the people themselves in various ways.

No exception sewing machine that requires maintenance such as oiling certain parts so as not to rust, and more. Many people who do not treat them with either a sewing machine because they thought that taking care of the sewing machine is complex and requires a lot of time. When in fact, you only need to do some basic ways to maintain a sewing machine as follows:

Basic Sewing Machine Maintenance To Do

1 – Electricity. Sometimes we do not notice the parts that the cable has worn out or slightly torn, or, as long as can still be used and nothing happens, then it means its okay. When in fact, checking of the power cord is important to prevent damage to the impact of the sewing machine.

Sewing machines are not only cable that is connected to power lines, but the cable on the pedal too often problematic and not well maintained. In this case, make sure the cable is not stretched when in use. It is better to check all the connectors on the sewing machine. And if you find something odd or cable is damaged, then you should contact your service agent because you can not play with electricity.

2 – Screws loose. It is also worth noting, especially for those of you who frequently use a sewing machine, and then you should check the screws for the screw, which may be loose without you realizing it. Do not underestimate the screws are loose because it will give a major problem on your sewing machine.

3 – Sewing machine oil. Oil use in accordance with your sewing machine, sewing machine because each has its share of different oils. When you give the wrong oil in the machine, meaning you poisoning the work performance of the engine and damage the engine.

After a well-oiled, run a few stitching for a few rags. This allows any excess oil to escape into the piece and not on your new sewing project.

4 – Remove Lint. Lint is collected threads from the remnants of stitching. Do not underestimate this blob as it can hinder your job if left to the clot. How clean it is: clean with a small brush and clean the fiber that comes out. Avoid the use of a vacuum cleaner, because, the volume is too hard and can vacuuming suck some small part on a sewing machine and oil.

Overall, these are the basic steps and easy to do as good maintenance to sewing machines. There are many other ways more detail in cleaning your sewing machine. But of course you need to have more time to prepare for further attention and maintenance.

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