Avoiding Heads Made in China Buying The Flea Market!

Avoiding Heads Made in China Buying The Flea Market!

Avoiding heads Made in China The answer by buying second-hand. With three, four, five euro you can buy a boss also very special, something more daring, and maybe you can afford to put even one time in life, says Adnkronos Italo Piccoli, professor of Sociology of Consumption at ‘Catholic University of Milan. And then

… Now in stores the clothes are all the same, people will have full closets. You do not want to resign to the low quality chief, from China, is seeking an opportunity an emotion of the past.

Those who buy second hand clothes do not look for the fashion boss approved and trade among the old clothes is that quality that suit the middle class once could afford and now with the crisis is not over. There are skirts, jackets, pants big brands http://kacamatapedia.com, which rarely come from Asian countries.

Most of the clothes comes from the so-called recycling textile waste, ie the donated dresses at each change of season.


They are about ten, fifteen collection bins in our country , always says the agency to release Edward Amerini, president of the National Consortium Clothes and Accessories Used. In Italy the Ispra estimated that in 2012 it has been collected 99 thousand and 900 tons. At the center of the collection is approximately 2.07 pounds per capita, in the North and the South to 1.92 to 1.14 pounds per capita per year

But beware the flea market between vintage pieces can sneak also made clothes in china, generally are those who still have the labels. In this case it is guaranteed cost savings, this is not true for the quality of the fabrics. At that point it becomes totally useless!

An event like AltaRoma, while in the hopeful cooperation of local authorities, will have its definitive turning point if and when it will be able to find a financial bedrock between private investors. Involving them paths, strategies, projects and goals that are attractive, functional, seductive. Why be a tow platform means, accordingly, attracting capital.

If not – in the context of a disastrous national crisis, which does not allow wastage and leakage – a problem there. It must be resolved. If you contact megamercato international fashion and then you go into crisis for a figure (three million of the City of Rome) in Rome not even enough to buy a nice apartment, something just not right. It being understood that – common sense would want – the municipality itself the announcement of his departure would have to notify in good time, giving way to regroup, not in a month dall’opening matter of respect for the public and professionals involved

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