An Integrated Angle With The Internal

An Integrated Angle With The Internal

A covered space but open in this proposal, the dining area was set up in the garden, but integrated in the home thanks to the construction of a pergola and a practical, equipped kitchenette with oven, sink and pantry. A functional solution, perfect to always have everything at hand without continuing to come and go from inside the house If the idea intrigues us, we may ask our architect or our surveyor to draw up a project and to make us a cost estimate and of course be specified what the permissions to be requested before proceeding to the construction of the arbor.

rustic atmosphere

It is the stone the undisputed star of this outdoor dining. Not only in the pavement, but also on the walls and in the furnace liningĀ  indolexa. To complete the decoration is another natural element was used wood. And as a final touch rustic, wicker hanging lamps.

double choice

The indoor part of this terrace is home to the oven and grill, so you can cook out of the wind and sun. Whereas the dining room is placed in the open, to enjoy the sun. Even if necessary you can use a tent to protect from the sun.

A modern patio

The pergolas covered with the vine have a timeless appeal, which makes them perfect in every context. Even in a modern and stylish terrace like what we see in this proposal, where the vivid colors on the walls and furniture creates a striking contrast with the simplicity and freshness of the vine. Only drawback to keep in mind this type of coverage could attract insects, resulting in likelihood of bites.

A pergola total white

Very appreciated in interior decoration, the total white is perfect for outdoor, because it absorbs less light and less heat, thus helping to maintain the cooler space and the same time very elegant, as we see in this proposal characterized by white more absolute, in every single detail.

A small dining room, a small terrace

And even if we are not lucky enough to own a garden or a large terrace, we could always set up a small dining area on our terrace or why not on the balcony. The important thing will be to find a table and chairs – maybe even folding – not overly bulky, making it possible to leave a minimum step.

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