Amazing Butterfly Garden, Lets Create!

A butterfly garden is a thing of exquisite beauty and very easy to create. It is simply a matter of planting up the plants and flowers which attract these stunning creatures. You must ensure it is also a cat free zone, as many rare species have met an untimely end due to our feline friends.


Decide first of all where you want your butterfly garden to be located and how big it will be. This makes it easier to plan your planting so you will know where to place both your sun loving plants and the ones that like partial shade.
So now you know what species of plants you need and how many of each, the easiest way of ordering so you get them altogether is to go to a search engine and type in plants for butterflies. This will give you everything that you need.
Even though your primary aim is to attract as many butterflies as possible, you will still want your garden to be a vibrant rainbow of colors, so choose your plants wisely.

You need to ensure that the plants you choose have nectar and not pollen. The commonest plants of this sort are cone flowers, Lilacs, Day lilies, Milkweed and Honeysuckle. Include these in your garden should ensure that you achieve your goal.

If you don’t already have one, get yourself a birdbath with a stand as butterflies need a supply of water at hand.
Butterflies love bananas and other fruits, so if there are any softening in your fruit bowl put them in your garden.
The last thing that you will need to purchase to ensure the success of your garden is a butterfly house. They will use this to rest in instead of leaving your garden to do so. Get one that is in keeping with the size of your garden.



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