A Boring House Outside But Amazing Inside

A Boring House Outside But Amazing Inside

We are now in Sergipe, the smallest state of Brazil, specifically to Aracaj├║, to present a traditional residence of 150 sqm just lovely. Designed by studio Coletivo de Arquitetos, this charming house is distinguished by its simple form, for its spatial organization around a central courtyard that serves to filter the natural light and ventilate the environments, and the presence of numerous and beautiful tropical plants .

We look forward to reveal all angles and all the charm of this attractive project. So here’s to you, the images of the Resid├¬ncia P├ítio Aruana http://sahatihotel.com/hotel-pasar-minggu-jakarta-selatan, whose courtyard plays the role of organizing element of the house, whose look is inspired by the modern tradition, and that provides its residents environments open to the outside, bright, functional and comfortable.

The main facade

The residence is characterized by a form and by simple volumes, the design of the structure is constituted by structural gables, concrete porches and wooden grids, in a constructive and natural synthesis rather economic. A major advantage of this constructive system adopted by the team of architects, is that after the construction of the structure is expected that most of the exteriors and interiors consist only of lightweight glass panels, windows, screens and wooden louvers .. short , of the solutions that in addition to being quite economic also imply an ease of assembly.carefully chosen to keep the right balance, it is certainly a great help.

A wooden panel

One of the divisions is made by a wooden panel mo ‘grid that divides the garage, a semi-private space, a central space and a private courtyard which, consequently requires a higher level of privacy. In addition to ensuring the privacy of residents, the wooden booths also creates a fun and bucolic effect, perfect for an original look and comfortable.

The construction technique

According to the project architects, the house is designed in three separate and interconnected. In fact it has a common area, an area for services and a sleeping area, separated spatially. The module dedicated to services consists of a completely cement structure, formed by a flat slab roof. This sheet has allowed the creation of a horizontal technical platform that houses two water tanks. The corresponding modules to the living and sleeping area, however, are a perfect mix the walls are for example made of concrete, while the anchoring of the roof is made of wood.

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