500 + Healthy Chinese Recipes Cookbook

Today, has been published about the number of fatal diseases that can kill someone without realizing it by people with the disease. Some of which are emerging into the spotlight of various parties in almost all over the world are: obesity a disease refers to a heart attack. And as it has a lot going on, not only suffer a heart attack suffered by people who are sick and even kill some of those healthy people. With being killed like that, should many of us are turning to a more healthy lifestyle to minimize the possibility of malignant disease.

One of the causes of various diseases in adults this is not a good diet and eats foods that contain harmful ingredients that are not in accordance with the needs of the body. Food on offer such as junk food, even more attention appetite most of the people who are reluctant to move slightly in the kitchen to ensure their health. whereas, with processing own food, not only will get better health, but also can save expenses which was usually spent on eating out.

If you’re looking for reference the right to cultivate your own food, Chinese food it could be the right choice. Need not be confused to find the recipe anywhere, because now you can buy the guide 500 + Healthy Chinese Recipes Cookbook that have dominated the sales of Chinese cookbooks since 1998.

Why Chinese cuisine as should mentioned in this book? Because the Chinese have known for using materials and processing methods that are more healthy than any cuisine. In this book, described a variety of ways the cooking Chinese nation that supports their health and long life. Diversity of the nation how to cook Chinese also gives you many recipes to be processed, so there is no end of ideas for exploration. In addition, the Chinese always use the principle of Yin & Yang in cooking, so that balance between meat and vegetables, hot and cold, cholesterol and non-cholesterol, high-calorie or low calorie, etc., can be well preserved. And this is the key to their long life.

This book also gives lessons on how to the cooking the most popular dishes from the four major regions in China, namely:

1 – Beijing, which is also often referred to as Mandarin cuisine that tends to cultivate rice dish with raw materials. So most of the culinary food produced in the main menu (cakes baked and steamed bread, a variety of bread and noodles).
2 – Mandarin-style food, which is more likely to process food normally used as a side dish. (Vegetable dishes, soup, tofu – soy curd -, and fish). These meals are usually character has a mild flavor and a little greasy.
3 – Cantonese food is the type of the lightest and most common of Chinese food in the United States and many other nations. Cantonese food tends to be more colorful, less spicy and is usually fried, which maintains good texture and flavor. This becomes a good reason, why the canton food is more popular and more desirable.
4 – Szechwan and Hunan. The foods are more dominated in using garlic, onions, and cool so it is more interesting to taste. Sichuan food is distinguished by a hot spicy flavor, while food from neighboring Hunan province a little richer and oilier, and can be either hot or spicy and sweet and sour. Chicken, pork, river fish, and shellfish all popular items.

No need to hesitate in following all the steps in this book, because the book was made by an experienced expert for 45 years, research for 4 years, and 20 years of practice in Chinese cuisine. This book really gives you more than 500 recipes to be healthier.

Overall, this book will guide you toward a healthier lifestyle through food without having to leave the delicacy of food. Say goodbye to junk food, and move at 500 + Healthy Chinese Recipes Cookbook.

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