Kirito Coat of Midnight and How to Get it for Cosplay

Kirito Coat of Midnight and How to Get it for Cosplay

One of the most famous Kirito costume could be a Coat of Midnight. This costume is a ‘last attack bonus item’ that you can get from Ilfang the Kobold Lord, the first floor boss in Aincrad. Despite being the first floor boss, Ilfang is really strong and even could kill at least 2 people, including the raid leader. And then, Kirito enters the rage mode and manage to kill it. He got the monster drop for the last attack bonus called Coat of Midnight.

Kirito Coat of Midnight and How to Get it for Cosplay

Kirito gained the Coat of Midnight for the Last Attack bonus drop in the 1st Floor boss. As soon as wipe out of the boss, many of the raid party’s members talked about the problem of the Beta Testers having personal information regarding the boss, that had been considered to have triggered the death of the raid party’s leader, Diavel.

Coat of MidnightFearing that this discrimination of Beta Testers would not end, Kirito announced that only only a few Beta Testers definitely had more knowledge and information than standard players and called this small category of people as Beaters to split up himself and others such as him from all other Beta Testers. Then he put on the coat before the raid party to show off his status for a Beater, thus getting all the hatred towards Beta Testers onto him self.

Right after this theatrical performance, he solely used the coat when ever he was outside of the city, as although remove it from prior to going into the city to cover his identity, since he’d turn out to be Sword Art Online’s most despised player.

Kirito Coat of Midnight for Cosplay

It won’t be a perfect cosplay if you didn’t put on the Coat of Midnight when cosplaying Kirito in Sword Art Online or Aincrad version. The reason is pretty simple, you won’t be considered as beater, aka beta tester and cheater. But please note that this coat could be worn only in your Black Swordsman version, not in KoB guild clothes, because the outfit itself is in white instead.

To get that Kirito coat, you can make it by yourself by watching several video that will give you proper guide how to make it! But, for those who have a great budget, you can buy it through Amazon or Ebay. Since this coat is really necessary to get and to be worn, you can’t simply skip it.


What Stores Sell Anime Merchandise?

What Stores Sell Anime Merchandise?

Anime is one of the Japan subculture that has already gained so much popularity around the globe. The anime itself is usually based on the manga, light novel, or games, but the most commonly anime adaptations are based on the manga. For example, the Naruto Shippuuden, Death Note, or Bleach. While anime adaptation that based on the light novel is Bakemonogatari, OregaIru, Re:Zero, and others.

So, the anime culture is not only affect the creator in the film industry, but also the creators from writing, drawing, and gaming industry, too. These industries tend to support each other to make the great results. In the end, many of anime series could be accepted by community around the world since it has the great foundation in the first place.

When we talk about anime, there are always fan and fan base. Usually, these fans won’t be satisfied by only watching their own favorite anime series. They will start to collect the light novel or manga for those who love reading, or they will start to play the game based on the anime in questions if they are a gamer. But, how about the others?

Some other fans will also choose the merchandise. You will find various anime products out there starting from officially licensed products to fan-made. If you’re going to travel to Japan, we recommend you to visit Akihabara since you will find lots of great anime merchandise there, despite the price is little high, or even too high.

What Stores Sell Anime Merchandise

Akihabara – A Heaven for Otaku and Anime Fans!

But the quality itself is top-notch since – we already know that – the Akihabara could be the centers place or the heart of the anime subculture. So, it won’t so hard to find your anime merchandise from your favorite anime series in that place.

The anime merchandise usually consists of Gunpla, action figures, nendoroid, accessories, and others. The most famous one is action figures. You will find great collectible actions figures with great price starting from ‎¥2.000 (around $20) to hundreds of dollar. Even there is the real scale figure of Katou Megumi to be sold $17,000. What a crazy, right?

What Stores Sell Anime Merchandise

Real Scale Figure of Katou Megumi which to be sold for $17.000

For those who doesn’t have time or doesn’t have enough money to visit the Akihabara, you can also find anime merchandise stores online. My favorite online stores that sell anime merchandise is,,, or

If Amazon and Ebay tend to show a good display, information, and review of the anime merchandise, while the AmiAmi focuses on selling action figures, and AnimeBibly focuses on the review based on their view point. However, I still love to buy the anime merchandise from those 4 websites. If you want to buy something online, maybe those are the great anime merchandise place for you!

Anime Fall 2017 will be Filled with Idol!

Anime Fall 2017 will be Filled with Idol!

Anime News Network’s the latest headline that WAKE UP, GIRLS! NEW CHAPTER is going to premiere this October has enclosed the deal: fall anime 2017 is officially will be filled with idol!

Sequels and spinoffs to many of the largest idol anime titles will start airing this fall. These include what a lot of think about an array of famous of 2-D idol franchises — THE IDOLM@STER, LOVE LIVE!, and WAKE UP, GIRLS!.

Anime Fall 2017 will be Filled with Idol!

For those who still unknown, idol anime is just what it appears like: anime that centers around the lives of fictional idols. The concept of an “idol” isn’t too well-known under western culture. The closest idea we have to it can be a “celebrity. ” Still, in Japan, idols commonly handle all sorts of media roles. Quite simply, they’re a mix of dancers, singers, actors, and models at the same time. Idol anime just applies a two-dimensional layer on all that.

It isn’t unusual for anime of corresponding genres and premises to broadcast in the exact same season. However, it truly is uncommon for franchise rivals to compete as overtly as this. Indeed, enthusiasts of one title are generally fans of the others. But it is still a bold move to get a lot of big names contending for audiences and ratings at once.

Even now, even though sharing a center genre, the idol anime broadcasting next season do have their variations to set them apart. These variations are located in their displays of day by day idol lives. From school idols to real-life work, every single show is exclusive enough to standalone and create its own fanbase.

Idol and Anime Development

Both idol and anime got great development in the past 5 years. It began with AKB48 that gain its popularity in the world. Since then, people – especially the anime fans – tend to know what the idol group is. They even can tell the difference between idol group and girl-band. While the anime itself is already gain its popularity since 90s. Not only in America, but almost all over the world.

Through this decade, several creators decide to mix between idol and anime. Basically, both of them belong to the same circle. If you ever visit the Akihabara in Japan, you will definitely see it. There are lots of subculture and pop-culture in Japan, and they tend to support each other including anime and idol group.

Choosing a new car is cheap price

Choosing a new car is cheap price

Maybe it used to be a very luxurious thing for some people. But the more there are more cheap cars produced by automotive companies. This makes many people prefer to buy a new car compared to used cars. In addition, the price of new cars sometimes not so far with used cars. Especially now it’s a lot of car dealers who provide car loan services. This will make it easier for you who have minimal funds. You can get a new car but by way of credit. On this occasion, I will give tips on choosing a new car that suits your needs.

Choosing Type And Car Features As Required

The first thing you should do when choosing a new car is to choose the type and feature of the car that suits your needs. Currently there are many types of cars offered in the market with the price of a new car is very diverse. Choose the type of car that is your needs. Like choosing a car with the contents of 4 people or 6 people. This you must specify. Usually this will affect the price. Do not just put forward prestige, but choose that is appropriate to your needs. new car is cheap

Prepare Budget And Minimum Provide 20% Budget Of Car Price

Once you know what type of car you want to buy, you must also determine your budget. This is done so that the price of new car you want to buy, no more than your budget. Do not until you have to add another budget, because want a different type of car. If you want to do a new car loan, make sure you have a minimum of 20% budget from the price of the car. The funds will be used as an advance when you buy a new car. Also read about: toyota yaris 2017

Annual Tax Car And Tax ppnbm

If you have determined the price and type you want to buy. You should also pay attention to the car’s annual tax and sales tax on luxury goods (ppnbm). Do not let the two taxes will even burden you every year. Sometimes for the price of the same new car has a different car annual tax. It is therefore very important to check the amount of taxes you have to pay each year. As a good citizen paying taxes must be mandatory to do. Choose taxes that are appropriate to your circumstances every year.

Do a Test Drive

When buying a new car or used car, it is important to test drive. Test drive or test drive is done so that you are more confident with the car you want to buy. Is comfortable when driving or not. In addition you should also try all the features contained in the car that you will buy. So you more trust with the price of the new car. A good and reliable car dealer definitely provides a car for test driver use.

That’s some of the ways you can do when choosing a new car. If you want to buy a new car with credit. Choose a reliable provider of credit and pay attention to the interest rate you must pay each month. Choosing a new car price is easier than a used car. Because the state of the machine and body is still in good condition. But that does not mean you can choose just any. You must choose what suits your needs.

Car Rental Business 2017

Car Rental Business 2017

Starting a business is not an easy thing but also not impossible to do. The advantage of opening a business is very promising so many people are vying to open a business to help income. You may often hear about car rentals that are usually present in many tourist areas provided for the tourists. But you need to know that car rental business is very promising, because you know how many tourist attractions in Indonesia is certainly will suck a lot of attention of many tourists both domestic and foreign. Well to uncover about this business then do not miss the full description below.

Car rental itself is an activity to borrow a car but with a certain fee and some procedures that must be met by the borrower. Using a car to get around for tourists will be more convenient, because it does not need to use public transportation. But not only tourists, because local residents also often use this service while going to attend a particular event but hindered vehicle problems. With a variety of factors is certainly not surprising if the increasing proliferation of car rental services in major cities in Indonesia in particular. For those of you who are interested in doing so then do not miss some important information that you can make a Car Rental Business

Important things in the car rental business

In addition to preparing knowledge and other preparation, when you will start a car rental business then must understand some things before starting. First, prepare a good enough capital material and non material capital that would be very important when you will start a business. In addition you also must be familiar with the automotive world so it will be easier for you to check the cars you rent or when there is a problem with the consumer. More than that, you must determine the type of car that you will rent in order to predict the tariffs and benefits you can get.

In addition to some important things above, you also have to have a strategic place to start the business because this will give a sign of whether or not the tone of the game. In the car rental business you should also be able to see the market share and the ability of the community or tourists so as to provide quality cars but with a fairly affordable price. Set the tariff as fair as possible and do not take too much profit because it will be bad if it continues, because the car rental business is very much that will certainly be your rival. The main things that you must prepare carefully so that your business will not easily rolled out.

Car rental business constraints

Every business must have its own constraints which must be considered for its owner carefully in order to avoid it. For the obstacles that are often encountered in the car rental business itself as more and more who have private vehicles so they are more comfortable with the private vehicle. The decrease of tourist attractions can also be a constraint apart from the high cost of rent and fuel is quite complicated. Some of these obstacles you should be able to overcome so that your business can still run smoothly.

Looking at the full details of the car rental business then it’s time you start to open it. With complete preparation and determination it is not impossible for you to start this business. The many charms of Indonesia and the public interest of the car will be a good opportunity to establish a car rental business that has a pretty good prospect going forward.

Mspy for Safe Guarding Your Android Mobile Phone

Mspy for Safe Guarding Your Android Mobile Phone

Android is the greatest OS with this period. Android has in excess of million types of software that readily available in Android play store. Persons can pick exactly what the ideal application for their mobile phone is. If people choose to have any protected software, they could use Mspy android spying apps to optimize their security from spam and virus. Aside from that, Mspy can also be applied as being the defense of hacking information from unfamiliar source kind internet. For information, internet is very beneficial but when people today not mindful to utilize online, their phone are going to be crash and damaged and their cellular phone is going to be broken.

Spam perhaps the prevalent threats for Android mobile phone, but there are numerous threats which can attack their cellular phone. Virus will be the worst threats for just about any electronic unit. Virus can be attacked by means of any units or form the online market place. The not known down load sources from web normally incorporates virus. Typically, the unfamiliar file is formed .mp3 and usually has unthinkable size of file. So, if men and women really don’t use any antivirus, their cellular telephone will be broken, and if people today implement Mspy on their own cellular phone, their products are going to be saved for prolonged time but needless to say they have to up-to-date their gadgets at the least when per month.

Android is incredibly light-weight working system and may be modified into their most favorite user interface. But, if Android does not have any antivirus or security, their android gadgets will probably be attacked by antivirus. Now, Mspy grow to be the quantity a person option for safety software for Smartphone simply because Mspy can become antivirus and checking software. For antivirus, Mspy can avert sort Trojan and shortcut antivirus. Shortcut antivirus come to be by far the most troublesome virus in this particular period due to the fact many data will be lost if individuals open up the virus directly from sure folder. Shortcut virus is often vanishing by Mspy.

Last illustration of Mspy usage is to checking the cellphone things to do. This element typically getting use for monitoring the cellular telephone functions from extended selection length. But, if individuals want to watch the cell phone, they have to put together a person computer and should be linked to the net. With no web, they can’t observe the mobile phone within the long range distance. Ordinarily, this feature is being use for people who would like to see the things to do from other cellphone. Mother and father need to this software to checking their young children mobile phone trough the net.

Spam’s Record

Spam’s Record

You ever puzzled ‘Where may be the origin of spam? Or ‘any nation that ship probably the most spam?’. And it appears that query can’t be answered by surely would. All ended up basically hypothetic. But after the ICSA Labs, an unbiased tests organization managed to carry out the analysis that makes weekly studies within the 10 Prime Spam Sending point out, then the issue might be answered with certainty. The report is based on analysis which expended weekly and every country may differ from time to time.

The ICSA Labs The desk underneath exhibits India, Russia, Brazil along with the United states last 4 countries where the spam originated through the months 9 to 15 August, 2010 and August sixteen to 22, 2010. These four nations around the world accounted for approximately 35% – 37% of all spam currently being tracked ICSA Labs, which displays that the technology of spam is unfold geographically and supply an equivalent result.

Another chart shows time in January 2010 right up until August 2010. That is a fluctuation during which the spam originated from through the period of time is lengthier. The volume of spam originating from Brazil, Russia, India along with the U.s. of America United states has different considerably more significantly compared to Ukraine and South Korea remain relatively consistent being a supply of origin of spam. Now you are able to solution the question ‘Where is the origin of spam?

Protected your wi-fi network in these straightforward methods

Protected your wi-fi network in these straightforward methods

When your web obtain is accessibility without employing a cable, or so-called wireless, it does not indicate you are free of charge from interference by hackers. Because despite having wireless access, the hazards that happen is increasingly popular due to the entry wirelessly empower the expansion of the unfold in the virus. But there are several strategies to put in place wi-fi access to be preserved from your hackers. The next are strategies to keep a wireless set up from hackers, wireless networking straightforward guidelines:

one – How to Place your Antenna. Have an effect on the antenna place restrict net entry along with the ability of hackers to have the ability to tap into wireless. To avoid this, you must spot the antenna adjacent on the window since the bottle cannot catch the signal.

two – How you can Use WEP. WEP means Wi-fi encryption protocol that allows you to definitely acquire the tackle to encrypt the transportation wagon on the wireless network. And should you in no way skip it as which will from burning acquiesces hackers to obtain admission on the cartage above a wireless community.

three – Disable the DHCP in the Wi-fi Settings. This really is not a promise to the wireless community to become cost-free from assault by hackers. But at the very least, this could complicate the function of hackers to interrupt into wireless networks as the hackers really need to decode TCP / IP parameters, subnet mask and IP handle to hack your wi-fi network.