Top Action Figures Toys in the World

Top Action Figures Toys in the World

Love of things sometimes gets deeply ingrained in the soul, even a person’s life. And most often we hear is a special group formed by avocation, for example, automotive and toys, including associations against the background by the action figure. Associations are generally formed to not look at age, so the passion of one’s action figures are not constrained by shyness. Because today, in this era of modernization, there are still many who consider a 70-year-old retiree still has action figures like Superman, and even play it.

Top Action Figures Toys in the World

There are some action figures that become an idol in the long term and can still be found today.

1 – G.I. Joe. This is military-themed action figure which was first created by the U.S. toy company, Hasbro. This product was originally offered to produce the four branches of the military that the United States Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. Abbreviations G.I. mean Government Issue.

2 – Transformers. This are action figure that making the film series inspired by the transformers. This action figure was created with a variety of shapes and series.

3 – Batman. This is one of the action figures are legendary and well known in various countries as a dark hero who appears resembles a bat. Since it first appeared a fictional character in DC comic books in 1939, Batman became a favorite, not only for children, but also the adults.

4 – Superman. With a handsome face, proportion body, and always ready to defend the truth, make a lot of men (including men) to make a hero Superman as his idol. He first appeared in ‘Action Comics’ in 1938 and has become part of the radio series, TV shows, newspaper strips, video games and movies.

5 – Spiderman. Not only from animal-inspired Batman, this one super hero created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. What characterizes him is that he can climb the building and shoot the spiders.

6 – Star Wars. These action figures first filmed in 1977 by 20th Century Fox and became one of the biggest phenomena in the world. It involves space travel and planets there are many members of the Galactic Republic, called, ‘Galactic Empire’.

7 – He Man. He-Man is the heroic fictional character. He Man is the twin brother of She-Ra. He-Man defends Eternia and Grayskull from the evil Skeletor with his friends. True identity is the ‘Prince Adam’ of Eternia and he is the son of King Randor and Queen Marlena of Eternia. These are the action figures inspired by comics, TV shows, and movies.

8 – Indiana Jones. Since 1981, this character is a fictional adventurer, a professor of archeology and OSS agents. And currently, there are TV shows; comics, novels, video games, etc..

Portable Bathroom Design

Portable Bathroom Design

If you hear the word ‘portable’, it is inconceivable the first time in general is a gadget like a sophisticated mobile phone, laptop, television, or other devices that support the sophistication of the gadget. Its own portable means it is ‘easy to carry anywhere’. However, it turns out it does not only apply to gadgets, but also at home such as bathroom facilities. Yes, right. This means that the bathroom can be taken anywhere.

If you think that this is a portable bathroom with makeshift facilities or only contains the basic functions of a bathroom, then you have made a wrong assessment. for portable bathrooms designed by Fernando Silva has benefits precisely because it lies between the extremes – no one wants no-pipe facilities in their living space, but also not everyone can or wants to invest in a full interior remodel that needed to installing bathroom fixtures throughout the series needed.

Portable Bathroom Design

On interior design, luxury and capability for simplified already visible at first glance. If the note, the reason for this bathroom has a ‘portable’ deserves to be given in this bathroom, because when used, will reach 220 cm in height and width 180 so still providing space for its users. But when not in use, so the bathroom can be made ​​more compact with a width of 100 cm only (reduced by 80 cm). At first glance, this looked more like a store of rice, or a refrigerator is well-known in a dozen years ago.

While on the exterior, the design is made ​​more interesting and not just plain. Pastel colors such as green, red, orange, and even some of them are made with attractive graphics and good. Or if you are a person who has the soul of art, you can decorate accordance with your wishes. Please explore the work you through this portable bathroom.

Target of the creation of portable bathrooms are the solution in saving space, time and cost as well, which was all of it is the most considered by each individual at this time. Besides, it is undeniable that the bathroom is everyone’s primary needs, however his condition.

This is very appropriate for those of you who prefer a small room in between go-anywhere, bare-bones mobile and high-end built-in modern bathroom design, bathroom module is intended to slot into the small space available in the home, condo or apartment and attach themselves with minimal construction work.