12 Savvy Small-Space Urban Gardening Designs & Ideas

Lately, with the increasing population in the world, as a result many things that ‘forced to participate’ carry out the impact of population growth. Some of which are sometimes often the stumbling block in life, are: tuition fees, living expenses (food, clothing, shelter), and health costs. With the increasingly tight situation on the competition of life, shaping the character of a person to be more creative in any case the appropriate expertise, as much as possible. as an example: an architect building a house that not only has its original function as a place to live, but also carries the mission of eco-friendly green on one, or even some section the house.

Talking about the building is currently emerging development trends minimalist home that does not spend a lot of places to build it. This is a good idea, especially if you do not like the shape of the building complex and troublesome. However, this affects your garden is very narrow because it is usually in buildings minimalist house, where the yard was not designed wide, or just provide some plots of it as a decoration for the house. This sometimes makes the intention to plant some crops are becoming increasingly limited, especially if you live in big cities.

12 Savvy Small-Space Urban Gardening Designs & Ideas

To outsmart the problem, there are 12 savvy ways to let you still be able to plant a variety of plants, albeit in a narrow space. Maybe you can take it one, or even some of them to be realized in your residence. They are:

  • Sky Planter by Patrick Morris. Whether this could be regarded as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon or completely hanging the garden, but this is really going to hanging plants in different ways. This plant is held in the ceramic pot and poured gradually with a hidden reservoir Patrick Morris allows you to grow plants almost anywhere you want.
  • Shoe Organizer Garden. Way as for other more cost and space efficiency, planting using a version of the DIY rig with a canvas shoe organizer. Kept away from the wall with strips of wood, the system works the same way but without wicking properties, so it will need to be watered frequently.
  • Woolly Pocket Planter Bags. Vertical gardening can also be done by exploiting the use of plantation bags Woolly Pocket. This bag breathing recycled wool growers to keep the walls dry while wicking moisture to plant roots, creating a wall of lush green that works directly with almost any type of wall surface.
  • Easy Access Salad Box. Like a table, this type of planting has a foot so that you do not have to bend over or squat to tidy it up. A red timber plantation and several boxes of 1 × 4 this – along with some tools and glue – all you need to create attractive waist-high garden that almost did not take any floor space at all.
  • WeeTree Wall of Plants. This is another clever way of having more than one goal in its use, because in addition to growing plants in a small space, you can also hide ugly walls. Or, if you have postage stamp-size pages, you can grow row upon row of herbs, vegetables and ornamental plants in such a system, created by landscape designer WeeTree of Chicago, which puts the horizontal planters between the fence posts for stunning vertical garden effect.
  • Vertical Gardening with Salvaged Materials. ‘Take advantage of the remaining items without rest’ may be appropriate if addressed to the way this planting. Because it can be made with scrap wood and other carpentry tools, so it is not difficult to make.
  • Gutter Garden. By utilizing the gutter as a place to plant, then you can plant a few rows at a time in the short height of the wall. Bugs, wild animals and poor soil conditions, no longer a problem as a system of gutters and hold three plants from the ground and in the sun. Be careful, controlled watering to ensure that the house siding and the soil along the foundation is not too wet.
  • One-Pot Vegetable Garden. The most easy and lightweight to be done is to use a pot to plant some crops. Get your own galvanized water troughs, drill some drainage holes, fill them with soil and then plant the plants complement the group together.
  • Self-Watering Grow Box. In this way makes all you have to do is pour water into the reservoir every now and then and the plants will absorb water as needed through the axis of the roots. Want to DIY? Check out these 3 ways to make yourself a container of water out of the 5-gallon bucket of Urban Organic Gardener.
  • Square Foot Gardening. Square foot gardening consists of 4 × 4 or 3 × 3 above the box containing the soil with a high quality soil and divided into square foot section that allow optimal spacing between the plants throughout the park but still fits into the smallest yards. By giving the bulkhead of the same size, you can plant a variety of plants in each plot.
  • Pop Bottle Drip System. A slow drip irrigation system is giving way to go – and you do not need to spend a dime. Grows easily from your tutorial girl explain how to use recycled pop bottles.
  • Small but Expandable Step Garden. Such as terracing form, it is made by way of composite and you can monitor the development of plants with ease. Besides that, this way also helps you make sure that all your plants have the samAe access to sunlight.

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