10 Ideas For Creative Hangers DIY

10 Ideas For Creative Hangers DIY

Here are 10 ideas for creative hangers DIY sticks, branches, recycled materials, knobs and dials to make our case. Let’s see how with the instructions and some advice.

The coat rack is a virtually indispensable accessory in your home.

Obviously, in the market there are different models divided into two broad categories wall hangers and tree. In general, however, the industrial hangers are not particularly creative, except to spend good money to have one particular and perhaps design.

Why then do not create ourselves a coat rack DIY more original than ever

We have collected 10 ideas for creative hangers DIY very easy and nice to be realized.

Hangers DIY with knobs

You will need a strong wooden board, the knobs that you want to recycle, and some tools for DIY. Take measures with a line so that the knobs to assemble perfectly in the center of the wooden planks and hang your coat on the wall with the appropriate hooks.

Hangers DIY work with cutlery

This model has the distinction of having been obtained by processing recycled spoons that have become, for the occasion, hangers mounted to the axis of wood with nails.

Hangers DIY with fabric


Here you need a wooden stick, the strips of cloth (jeans in this case) and the eyelets that you will find in haberdashery. Used to hang hangers recycled from old hangers.

Hangers DIY vintage


The wooden board has been created by the antique wood strips and glued to one another. The particularity the hanger in question is given by the unique vintage-style hangers that have been used. Here we certainly want the fantasy!

Hangers DIY with wooden hangers

Take the wooden hangers, cut them in half but being careful to keep the steel hanger and assembled on a wooden floor ant as you see in the picture.

DIY coat with cotton reels


It ‘a very trendy coat, do not you Of the old cotton spools were nailed with an iron hook of a wooden backrest and fabric! And the effect is really glamorous.while the steps covered in wood offer a texture of warm tones that contrast with the white of the structure and part of the walls.

Hangers DIY with an old back


Take a back of an old bed and, instead of throwing it … assemblala as a bell’attaccapanni kitchen with hangers in yellow enameled metal. Ideal for the kitchen in yellow is not it

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