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The website dedicated to the betterment of the nonprofit sector. 

Some thoughts on Gary Snyder and his work:

"Unbelievable and shocking" (Fox2); "Hard hitting" (ABC Spotlight on the News); "A must for anyone investing time or money in the nonprofit sector" (Carol Weisman, Board Builders); "Important advice and guidelines for systemic change" (Pablo Eisenberg, George Washington University); "Cutting edge and insightful", (Judge Fred Mester); "His urgent advice should should be taken seriously", (Gary Dembs, CFRE, Pres. of Greater Detroit Chapter;  "A must for anyone currently or wanting to serve on a board" , (David Nims, Attorney, Chair, Society of Nonprofit Organizations); "Snyder demonstrates his knowledge and passion" (Writer's Digest)

Nonprofit Imperative is dedicated to:                 
exposing the crisis in nonprofit fraud leadership...a crisis of pervasive and monumental waste, fraud, abuse,                               mismanagement, and malfeasance throughout the charitable sector which costs taxpayers and contributors tens of billions of dollars annually;


seeking reforms that will restore the public's lost confidence in the sector

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